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Booking A VIP Seated Brunch With Non-Drinking Guests
Booking A VIP Seated Brunch With Non-Drinking Guests
Updated over a week ago

Do you have some friends who don't drink? No problem. If you book VIP seated brunch tickets for all those who are drinking and send us a message with the booking reference number (starting DMN-), we can offer a £10 discount for the non-drinking guest and send a separate payment link for them. They will have unlimited pornstar mocktails, soft drinks, and pizza.

*Please note this does not apply to evening brunch and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.

The bar is closed for general service during our daytime bottomless brunches so there is a set offering for the event.

Soft drinks are available throughout the venue, but please be aware the discount will only apply to VIP seated brunches.

Let us know if this works for you and do not forget to send over your booking reference number once complete and we can help you out ✨.

We hope this article helped answer any questions you might have had.

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