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I lost something, how do I get in touch? ๐Ÿ˜ฟ
I lost something, how do I get in touch? ๐Ÿ˜ฟ

How to contact Ballie Ballerson about lost property

Updated over a week ago

It is extremely easy to lose items in our ball pits so we suggest you keep your belongings safe in the cloakroom.

How we handle lost property:

Our ball pits are cleaned overnight every Monday or Tuesday (depending on the venue) and the lost & found items are processed on the following day. The team aims to sort and make contact with all who have lost items within 48 hours of each cleaning cycle, or on the same night if it's found.

As we welcome thousands of customers per week, the team must collect all items that have been lost in the ball pit and/or around the venue and match these to the enquiries we have received. This may mean that there are hundreds of them so we kindly ask that you just send one enquiry, so that they can get back to you much quicker.

Your items are important to us and we will return them if they have been found.

What to do if youโ€™ve lost something in our venues:

  • Log your lost item by clicking the button below

  • Provide us with all the information requested and as much detail as possible

  • You will receive an email confirming your enquiry and we will email you again if the item has been found. Items are usually found between 0 to 10 days.

Logging a lost item:

Click on the button below to submit a lost property enquiry to Ballie Ballerson:

Please note:

Our customer support team does not have access to lost property items as they sit separately with the lost property team. We kindly ask you to please wait to hear back from our lost property team. You will hear back if you have sent an enquiry.

The venue does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items and unfortunately, we canโ€™t help with any loss of dignity either!

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