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Do you clean your balls? 🫧 Isn't it unhygienic?
Do you clean your balls? 🫧 Isn't it unhygienic?

Find out how we keep our balls clean and hygenic...

Updated over a week ago

We have a ball cleaner called Gobble Muffin who sanitises and cleans 18,000 balls p/hr.

Our balls get a lovely clean each and every week we’ve got the test results to prove it! Of course, we’ve also got hand sanitisers scattered around the venue to kill germs.

Our soap dispensers are always stocked and we’ve got brand spanking new air con to keep cool fresh air flowing through the venues so they’re always at the optimum temperature.

If you’ve lost something whilst enjoying our balls at Ballie Shoreditch, then please see this page on lost property:

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